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Professional Drycleaning

Expect the finest quality drycleaning for every garment. Our expert staff removes stains, odors, grime and wrinkles so you always look your best. We work hard to maintain our Sanitone Master Cleaner status, and you'll see (and feel) the difference in your cleaning. 

Platinum® Shirt Laundry

Sanitone's exclusive Platinum® Shirt & Laundry Process guarantees the whitest-whites and brightest colors with clean, crisp collars and cuffs to make you look professional all day long. The Sanitone Platinum Process is specifically formulated to work at lower water temperatures through the use of 14 high-tech enzymes, eliminating the need for harsh bleaches and abrasive alkalis that attack clothing fibers. This exclusive, patented process reduces the potential for shrinkage, graying and even fraying, primarily because enzymes, by nature, only digest specific stains, not fibers!

Our professional shirt laundering gives you whiter whites, bolder colors. Loose buttons are reattached or replaced as a routine part of our service. We guarantee your satisfaction on our Platinum Shirt Service, because our reputation depends on every shirt we do, folded or hanger, starch or none.

What to expect

  • Patented enzyme-based cleaning process
  • Dazzling whites and colors that sparkle
  • Lower water temperatures without harsh bleaches
  • None of the shrinking or fraying seen with other processes


Gained a little? Lost a few? Our expert inhouse tailors can mend, repair, take in or let out.  Loose buttons, burst zippers, torn pockets or dropped hems are no problem.

Casual Wear Laundry and Drycleaning

Khakis or dungarees, golf shirts or denim skirts — everything looks its best with professonal cleaning or laundering by Abingdon Cleaners. Our cleaning processes are more effective than what can be done at home, and our crisp finishing can't be beat.


Dirty window coverings spoil even a sunny day. Let our experts clean and finish your curtains and draperies to like-new freshness. Say goodbye to yellowed or grimy sheers, too.


Abingdon's professional laundering will bring out the best in your bed linens.  We clean even the largest and fluffiest duvets, comforters and blankets.

Leather and Suede Cleaning

Protect your investment in leather and suede with specialty cleaning and conditioning from Abingdon Cleaners. From delicate designer suede to hearty outdoor leathers, we can restore the color and texture.

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

Don't let the memories fade away or yellow with age. Our cleaning specialists know how to keep your special gown looking its best. After thorough, careful cleaning, your wedding gown is finished to wrinkle-free perfection before being enclosed in archival packaging. It's our most special service for your most special day.


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